Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Charger for sale

Here's my back up 19m charger.  I'll take best offer on it. There are no repairs or damages to it, it is in excellent condition.  Here are a couple of pictures that I have on hand.  I can always take more if you'd like.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Return of the Wind

Finally after months without wind the weather has turned.  My last kite session was sometime close to the fourth of July.  I spent the last week watching windalert.com and to my satisfaction 18mph winds were predicted for Saturday.  I drove 300 miles to Illinois where my family lives to ride my favorite spot in the midwest.  

I woke up to 9mph winds, so I broke out the 12 meter HQ montana for some light wind action.   After two hours or so the wind picked up to 18-33mph and my kite was lit!  I was by myself for most of the time, but the last 30 minutes or so my wife showed up.  She took a few pictures using her phone.  I got lofted a few times in the gusty winds, but I had huge smiles across my face.  

Getting Lofted

                                                                    Board Grab
You don't always need a board to fly!

Timing is everything, even when you don't got it

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Peter Lynn kite bar for sale

55cm 04 kitebar with with zero7 upgrade.  the only piece not in the package is the 07 plastic leash

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kite for sale

here is the peter lynn synergy 19m repairs. One is a L shape repair professionally done by a peter lynn team rider and he also added a patch to cover up the repair.  there is also another 2 inch repaired with tape that I found close to the spar pocket.  These repairs are in the center of cells and not close to the seams so you don't have to worry about cell blow out or seams coming unstitched.

the kite fly's perfect without any issues and is stable, lifty, and very user friendly.  It is an easy kite to fly but has plenty of power and great hangtime.  If you are looking for a good depower kite for a larger guy this is it.  you can find it in the for sale section at www.powerkiteforum.com

Thursday, July 12, 2012

HQ kites in Thailand 2012

During the month of June my wife and I had the opportunity to go to Thailand and visit her family.  To my luck Joy's parents live in Hua Hin, which is one of the few kiteboarding beaches in that country. It was also a very nice time to see where she grew up since her parents are missionaries.  I learned a lot of things about a new culture, but I also had the chance to learn to tricks while landboarding.

It was the most humid weather that I have ever been in, but luckily the heat brought smooth onshore winds in the afternoon. While I was there the winds were very low, only 7-12mph at most. I was able to go inverted in only 12mph winds with my new 15m matrixx.

The days that the wind didn't show up I was able to ride elephants instead of my atb.  I was definatly more scared of riding the elephant than boosting big with a kite.

Majority of the time I had the beach completely to myself since it was hot and most people opted to stay indoors.  It gave me a chance to practice board-offs

On one occasion I drew the attention of some Buddist monks which came over to see what was flying around on their beach.


One of the main things that I love about HQ besides the wicked lift and hangtime is the ability to stall land these kites on their trailing edge simply by using the hand break.

It was such an experience to get a chance to ride in another country especially having the entire beach to myself.

Overall I had an awesome time and I learned how different some parts of the world can be.  A big thanks to Chris and Kevin at HQ kites USA for the new gear.  It was awesome!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Changing of Times

I've decided to make some changes in my life as of late.  The first was leaving Peter Lynn.  It was a great ride for the last year and a half and I have enjoyed every moment of it.  A big thanks goes to Marijn Tijhof and Richard Lui for getting me started. 

I've decided to take a walk on the bridled side, and with help from Chris Shultz I have joined HQ Powerkites.  Its always exciting when changes happen. http://www.powerkites.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=412%3Aadam-bedinghaus&catid=11%3Ateam-riders&Itemid=135&lang=en

Chris has kindly sent me a 14m montana 7 and a 15m matrixx to test.  After riding arcs for so long I hadn't realized what I had been missing........... MASSIVE float and hangtime. I haven't experienced a good low wind kite before and both of these kites are great for those conditions.  I'm trying to arrange a session with a photographer to get some pictures soon. 

Montana 7 14m--
What a great kite.  Easy set up, smooth flying style, and very predictable.  This kite had me up and riding in 8-12mph no problem.  Even caught a little bit of air time with it.  It has some great float.  I've never been able to jump in such low winds. 

Matrixx 15m--
I definatly fell in love with this kite.  In 10-12mph winds it was already rock solid. The kite turns fast for being such a large foil kite.  Set up is quick, you just need to remember to put a little bit of air inside of it before you try to launch.  I didn't experience any tip tuck which a lot of foils on the market experience.  It has solid lift and gobs of hangtime.  It had me smiling really big.